$1,246,698 Worth Of Cash And Prizes For You And Your Favourite Charity

In 2012 Adrian Brien Hyundai will provide the following vehicles to be used as prizes in the 2012 People’s Choice Credit Union Community Lottery:

1. Major Prize in the 2012 Community Lottery of a Hyundai ix35 2.4 AWD Elite Auto (or similar) to the recommended retail value of $40,000 including all on road costs.

2. Accent 1.6 Elite Hatch (or similar) to the recommended retail value of $24,000 including on road costs.

3. Hyundai Getz 1.4 S 3 door (or similar) to the recommended retail value of $18,000 including on road costs.

Some History

  • The Community Lottery has been a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project of the heritage Australian Central Credit Union since 1984.
  • It was relaunched in it’s current format in 2007 and has since been People’s Choice Credit Union’s major CSR project.
  • Since 2007 the Community Lottery included participation from the Northern Territory.
  • Since 1984, it has returned over $8m to the not-for-profit community of SA and NT.
  • The Community Lottery is open for participation by all not-for-profit Charities, Community Groups, Schools and Sporting Clubs.


How Does It Work?

  • The Community Lottery does not discriminate. It is available for all not-for-profit organisations not matter how big or small.
  • Not-for-profit groups are provided with an allocation of tickets. This can vary from 50 to 20,000.
  • Those groups sell their allocation of $2 tickets and they are refunded 100% of their total sales. People’s Choice also meet the GST component for those who are registered and pay GST.
  • People’s Choice picks up ALL expenses related to the lottery from ticket printing, prizes, point of sale areas, advertising and promotions and administration.
  • People’s Choice source contributions from a variety of business partners in the form of cash or contributions as prizes.
  • People’s Choice also source contributions from all forms of media to assist in the promotion of the Lottery.

Figure 1 – the number of not-for-profit organisations involved in the Community Lottery has increased from 340 in 1997 to 627 in 2011.

Figure 2 – the amount of funds raised for not-for-profit organisations has increased from $688,220 in 2007 to $1,246,698 in 2011.

The 2011 Community Lottery

  • The Lottery sales were conducted from 1st February – 30th June.
  • All 700,000 tickets were distributed prior to the commencement of the Lottery.
  • A record 89% of all tickets were actually sold.
  • There were a record 627 participating not-for-profit groups.
  • 457 (or 73%) of the 587 organisations who participated in the 2010 Community Lottery renewed their participation.
  • There were 170 new participating organisations from South Australia (Metro and Regional) and the NT.
  • The Lottery returned a record $1,246,698.
  • There were a record 182 prizes valued at over $290,000.
  • People’s Choice provided 17 Shopping Centre Point of Sale opportunities for 22 participating organisations in Adelaide, Regional SA and in the NT.
  • Business Supporters contributed 68% (or $196,882) to the total prize value of $290,892. In addition, Westfield provided space in all their centres at a 55% discount.
  • Media Supporters contributed 83% (or $173,183) to the total media value of $207,270.
  • Participating groups were distributed with a CD covering all aspects of the Community Lottery thus substantially reducing the number of administrative enquiries received and having to be dealt with (and reducing the amount of paperwork distributed to participants).
  • Results were published in the Sunday Mail the day after the draw (August 6) in a full page colour advertisement, all Messenger newspapers the following week in full page colour and in the NT News and Centralian Advocate the week following the draw.


Figure 3 – in 2011 People’s Choice committed $276,290 to the lottery while business partners contributed $210,452 and media contributed $173,183.

Figure 4 – in 2011 the top ten fundraisers were: Friends of School Sport NT ($36,340), Bone Growth Foundation ($29,880), Epilepsy SA & NT ($20,740), Minda Inc. ($19,940), RSPCA ($19,860), St Vincent de Paul ($19,860), Filipino Settlement Council of SA ($19,260), The Smith Family ($14,960), Spastic Centres of SA (SCOSA) ($12,000) and Rotary – McLaren Vale ($11,840).

2011 Community Lottery Events

Community Lottery Launch

  • The 2011 Community Lottery was officially launched on Friday March 4, with a BBQ Breakfast hosted by, the Mix 102.3 Breakfast crew in Light Square which was attended by over 300 people, including several of our participating groups, business and media supporters and staff .
  • To encourage participation in the launch, we offered a $5,000 incentive for participants in the Community Lottery to take part in a number of activities. A total of 23 teams, comprising of four people participated in a range of elimination games.

Community Lottery Draw

  • The draw for the Community Lottery was held on Saturday, August 6 on centre stage at Westfield Marion. The event was hosted by Mix 102.3, Sean Craig Murphy.
  • Probably the most successful draw event held, it featured a “Community Lottery’s Got Talent” quest with four of the participating groups participating with an offering of $2,000 in prize money.

What Type Of Not-For-Profit Organisations Does The Community Lottery Support?

  • The Community Lottery does not discriminate between not-for-profit organisations. It is open to all – no matter how big or small.
  • In 2011, there were a record 627 not-for-profit organisations participating sharing in a record $1,246,698 from larger well known charities to remote small community groups.
  • The Top Ten organisations raised a total of $204,680. They were:

Organisation                                              Amount Raised
Friends of School Sport NT                 $36,340
Bone Growth Foundation                    $29,880
Epilepsy SA & NT                                    $20,740
Minda Inc.                                                 $19,940
RSPCA                                                         $19,860
St Vincent de Paul                                  $19,860
Filipino Settlement Council of SA   $19,260
The Smith Family                                   $14,960
Spastic Centres of SA (SCOSA)          $12,000
Rotary – McLaren Vale                        $11,840

2012 Planning and Objectives

  • Increase the ticket numbers from 700,000 to ONE MILLION.
  • Expand the Lottery reach supporting not-for-profit organisations in Victoria.
  • Encourage increased participation (particularly in Regional SA and the NT).
  • Increase prize numbers and the value of prizes to over $400,000.
  • Develop a People’s Choice Credit Union Community Lottery website allowing for:
  1. Online registration.
  2. Online ticket purchases.
  3. Database development to capture data and report on data, incorporating assignment of ticket allocations.
  4. Secure effective communication channels for marketing and communications to participants
  • Increase the contributions from Business and Media Supporters.
  • Increased Budget allocation by People’s Choice Credit Union.
  • Total cost of lottery including all contributions from Business and Media supporters is estimated to be in excess of $900K.
  • Target return to participants in 2012 is $1,800,000.
  • Increase advertising and public and member awareness of People’s Choice Credit Union and it’s Business and Media supporters contribution to the Community through the Community Lottery.
  • Create additional events and incentives to encourage participation.

When Will The 2012 Community Lottery Be Conducted?

  • The Lottery will be conducted from March 1, 2012 and sales conclude on July 31, 2012. The draw is undertaken on Monday September 3.
  • Presentations to major prize winners at an event to be held at Westfield Marion on Saturday September 8.