Supporting Our Local Communities In 2014

Supporting Our Local Communities In 2014

The People’s Choice Community Lottery

Once again Adrian Brien Hyundai will be a Platinum Sponsor of the People’s Choice Community Lottery in 2014.

We often receive many worthwhile requests from not-for-profit organisations for support – as much as we’d like to, we simply can’t help them all.

As part of our support of the Community Lottery, we have the opportunity to refer not-for-profit groups seeking sponsorship directly to the Community Lottery. 100% of each and every $2 ticket sold by the organisation is returned to them. The harder they work the more money they can raise.

As demand will again exceed supply not all groups will be issued with tickets and most will only receive a portion of their request. However not-for-profit groups applying for tickets upon the referral of Adrian Brien Hyundai will receive 100% of their ticket request.

As a Platinum Partner we will have access to up to 25,000 tickets to be distributed to organisations referred by Adrian Brien Hyundai. In order to ensure that we have sufficient tickets to distribute to these organisations, please note the following process:

1. Referred groups must apply for tickets through the Community Lottery website

2. Once you have applied, it is important that you advise Adrian Brien Hyundai so we know which groups you are supporting prior to allocating tickets. You can do this by completing the Application Form For Special Consideration As An Affiliate Of Adrian Brien Hyundai provided below.

3. Before allocating tickets to applicants the Community Lottery will contact Adrian Brien Hyundai for the names of groups who have applied through our referral system.

4. The Community Lottery will then ensure that they are allocated the full quota of tickets requested.

5. Applications for special consideration close on Friday the 31st of January 2014.

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A Message From The Managing Director Of People’s Choice Credit Union, Peter Evers

Peter Evers, Managing Director, People's Choice Community Lottery
Peter Evers, Managing Director, People’s Choice Community Lottery

At People’s Choice, we take great pride in supporting the economic and social well being of our members and the community.

Our Community Lottery has long been the cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility program.

We all receive worthwhile requests for assistance from the community – as much as we would like to, it is impossible to help them all, so here is a unique opportunity to join with us and make a significant and far-reaching contribution to the community.

From humble beginnings, our Community Lottery has grown to become a major fundraiser that supports communities throughout South Australia, the Northern Territory, Victoria and the ACT.

In 2014 we are hoping to expand the lottery into NSW and Queensland.

Since 1984, the People’s Choice Community Lottery has contributed over $11 million to not-for-profit charities, sporting clubs, schools and community groups.

And since we relaunched the Lottery in its current format in 2007, injected over $1 million per year.

The Community Lottery provides a unique no risk, no cost opportunity for not-for-profit community organisations to raise funds and they are returned 100% of each and every $2 ticket sold by them.

In conjunction with our business and media supporters, we meet ALL costs associated with the conduct of the Lottery – including prizes, printing and distribution of tickets and promotional material, advertising, administration and point of sale within major shopping centres.

In 2013 a record of almost $1.6 million was raised for a record 996 participating groups.

We invite you to join us in this unique community project.

Together we can make a difference.

Working Together For A Better Future

Corporate Social Responsibility is a natural part of what we do at People’s Choice and being a credit union, we actively support the Credit Union philosophy of:

“Contributing to the economic and social well-being of our members and the communities that we serve”.

We receive many worthwhile requests from various community groups seeking assistance however it is impossible to help them all.

Through the Community Lottery People’s Choice are able to help those organisations who want to help themselves.

Since 1984, the Community Lottery has returned over $11m back to the community and in 2013 a record $1,573,130 was distributed to 996 participating not-for-profit organisations in South Australia, Victoria, ACT and the Northern Territory.

If your organisation is a not-for-profit and based in South Australia, Victoria, the ACT or the Northern Territory and all proceeds from participation in the Community Lottery are
returned for the sole benefit of the organisation, you may be eligible to participate.

Subject to acquiring licences in NSW and Queensland, we will also invite participation from not-for-profit organisations in these regions.

If in doubt as to whether your organisation is entitled to participate, please contact us and we can confirm your eligibility.

For more information and to apply for tickets just go to our website at

Adrian Brien Hyundai And Harvey Norman - Supporters Of The Community Lottery
Adrian Brien Hyundai And Harvey Norman – Supporters Of The Community Lottery

What The Community Lottery Means To Our Community

The People’s Choice Community Lottery is a self-help scheme for not-for-profit organisations in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory.

Since 1984, it’s injected more than $11 million to participating not-for-profit organisations.

All not-for-profit organisations are eligible to participate and are returned 100% of each and every $2 ticket sold by them.

There is absolutely NO COST to not-for-profit organisations to participate.

We estimate that over 250,000 people are involved with participating organisations actively involved in some way in the Community Lottery each year.

To many participants, the Community Lottery is their life line. It’s their major fundraising

For others, it’s their only source of fundraising and serves to fund the entire organisation for the whole year.

It’s central to buying new equipment, furnishing the club room, presenting end of season
trophies, training care givers, funding programs to attract volunteers, care and training of
animals and fostering cultural diversity.

Some larger organisations are taking advantage of the Community Lottery to raise funds for major capital works, which is then matched $ for $ when applying for Government Grants.

Xlent Day Options And The King Family
Xlent Day Options And The King Family

Celebrating our $10m milestone with participating charity Xlent day options and $10m cash.

Adrian Brien Hyundai Fleet Manager, Sarah Packwood-Hollings presented the Hyundai Santa Fe keys (the major prize in the 2013 Community Lottery) to winners – the King Family.

Facts About The Community Lottery

  • The Community Lottery doesn’t discriminate. It’s available for all not-for-profit organisations no matter how big or small.
  • Not-for-profit groups are provided an allocation of tickets. This can vary from 50 to 20,000.
  • Tickets are also available to be purchased online with 100% of each ticket purchased returned to the nominated participating organisation.
  • Those groups sell their allocation of $2 tickets and they are refunded 100% of their total sales.
  • People’s Choice funds ALL expenses related to the lottery from ticket printing, prizes, point of sale areas, advertising and promotions and administration.
  • We source contributions from a variety of business partners in the form of cash or contributions as prizes.
  • We also source contributions from all forms of media to assist in the promotion of the Lottery.
  • In 2014 we estimate that the total cost of conducting the Community Lottery (including contributions from Business and Media Partners) will be in the vicinity of over $1m.

The table below highlights the Community Lottery participation and distribution growth since 1984.

Community Lottery Participants And Distribution
Community Lottery Participants And Distribution

The 2014 Community Lottery

  • Subject to obtaining required licences we aim to commence the 2014 Community Lottery sales on 1 February 2014 continuing for a full six months concluding on 31 July 2014.
  • 900,000 tickets ($2 each) will be available in the 2014 Community Lottery.
  • The top ten major prizes are valued at $10,000+ (RRP).
  • 20,000 tickets will be available to be purchased online and 100% of all online sales are returned to the nominated participating organisation.
  • Lottery sales and participation will be available for not-for-profit organisations in SA, NT, VIC, ACT and for the first time in NSW and QLD (subject to obtaining licences).
  • Potential return to participating organisations of $1.8 million.
  • Our target in 2014 is to encourage participation from more than 1,000 not-for-profit organisations across Australia.
  • Commitment to continue to promote the Community Lottery through paid advertising (TV and radio) and other various support activities.
  • Minimum of 200 prizes at a minimum value of $370,000 at Recommended Retail Price.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can our organisation apply for tickets in the 2014 Community Lottery?

If your organisation did not register to participate in the 2013 Community Lottery just go to and click on the icon “Apply for tickets in the 2014 Community Lottery” and complete the application form.

2. How many books of tickets can we apply for?

All initial applications are capped at a maximum of 1,000 books (10,000 tickets).

The minimum number of tickets to be issued is FIVE books (50 tickets).

3. Is there any cost for us to participate in the Community Lottery?

No, there is no cost whatsoever for your organisation to participate. We meet ALL the costs associated with the lottery.

4. For what period does the Community Lottery operate?

Ticket sales may commence from 1 March 2014 until 31 July 2014 – so there’s plenty of time to sell your tickets.

Any change to these dates will be advised.

The Lottery, will be drawn on Tuesday, 2 September and the results published
on by Monday, 8 September.

Final details will be printed on all tickets.

5. How many and what is the value of prizes on offer?

We are currently finalising the prize listing for 2014 and as soon as it is finalised we will advise you.

However the total prize pool will be no less than $360,000.

We will provide a full listing of all prizes on the Community Lottery website.

6. Will the Community Lottery be supported through advertising?

Yes. We will support the Community Lottery on TV, Radio and via other promotional opportunities.

7. Opening an Account with People’s Choice.

People’s Choice offer an account for community groups called “Business & Community Account”.

If your organisation or your members would like to consider opening this account with People’s Choice Credit Union, tick the box on the application form and one of our friendly
branch staff will email you to arrange an appointment.

8. Where can we pick up and return our tickets?

When you complete your application form you will be asked to nominate a People’s Choice Credit Union branch for collection and return of your tickets.

9. Do you have to deposit funds from the Community Lottery when returning your tickets?

Yes. As a legal requirement, we are required to account for all funds generated through the Community Lottery.

Therefore your organisation is required to deposit the equivalent amount for sold tickets returned to your nominated People’s Choice branch.

We will then refund 100% of each and every $2 ticket sold by your organisation.

10. Will there be information nights for participants prior to the launch of the Lottery?

Yes. We will hold a number of information nights at various locations throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan area in late February 2014.

We are also planning to hold information sessions in late January 2014 in Darwin, Victoria and the ACT.

We will advise by email as soon as these dates are confirmed.

For a full and detailed list of FAQ’s visit

Community Lottery Media Partner Support

Over the past two years our media partners, TEN and Southern Cross Austereo (TripleM and SAFM) have provided significant support promoting the People’s Choice Community Lottery and increasing awareness of the benefits it provides to the community.

We are currently in the process of renewing agreements which will further enhance and provide extensive support through major media channels for the 2014 Community Lottery.

Some highlights of the support received in 2013 included:

  • 20 weeks of LIVE Weather Crosses on “TEN News at Five”, Adelaide with Kate Freebairn promoting the Community Lottery at the location of participating organisations.
  • Point of sale appearances by Community Lottery Ambassadors, SAFM’s Haley Pearson and TripleM’s Warren Tredrea.
  • Club “free plugs” on TripleM Breakfast.
  • TV commercials on TEN, Eleven and One in South Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.
  • Radio commercials on TripleM and SAFM in Adelaide and TripleM Melbourne.
Kate Freebairn On Ten News At Five
Kate Freebairn On Ten News At Five

Kate Freebairn presenting the weather report on TEN News at Five along with Community Lottery participants – Darlington Scout Group.


ARPA Active Over 50s: ‘‘The assistance provided by the People’s Choice Community Lottery is important and unique. Not having to make a Lottery application, present records for expensive auditing, conduct a public draw and expend money on external advertising is a huge saving to small organisations and charities already strapped for cash and administration resources. The money raised from ticket sales being fully returned to each organisation means that 100% of each group’s efforts is repaid to the group – a big incentive to work hard to sell as many tickets as possible. Also small organisations could never hope to generate prize incentives like those offered here. The quality of prizes almost guarantees that tickets sell themselves.’’

Rotary Club of Marion: ‘‘We’re very grateful for the opportunity to participate. No risk to our Club and we know that as long as we sell all our allocation we receive a set amount in return. Tickets are easily sale able due to the prizes, values and quantity and also when the purchaser knows that all funds raised are returned to our Rotary Club.’’

SANDS Victoria: ‘‘The funds raised have helped Sands employ a Hospital Liaison Officer who is contacting all maternity hospitals and schools of Midwifery to raise awareness of Sands and it’s services and distribute Sands literature to all the hospitals for distribution to bereaved parents/families.’’

Cox Country Club Incorporated (NT): ‘‘Thanks to People’s Choice Credit Union, we are putting all funds towards buying a minibus so we can take seniors shopping and to health appointments.’’

Anglicare – Star Bear Program: ‘‘People’s Choice Credit Union’s commitment to the South Australian Community is mind blowing. The funds raised through the Community Lottery have been invaluable in funding the unique Camping and Support program for children who have lost either a parent, sibling or carer. The program is free to the children who attend our camp. As our program is a not-for-profit, the Lottery funds this year has allowed us to almost fully fund a camp.’’

Modbury Hospital Foundation: “We have a huge amount of respect for the way People’s Choice Credit Union operates the Community Lottery and the opportunity provided to charities to offer their stakeholders the chance to win some exceptional prizes. Our support of the Modbury Hospital is enhanced by this opportunity.’’

Flagstaff Hill Football Club: ‘‘Our Club would not have been able to raise anything like the amount we have without our involvement with the Peoples’ Choice Community Lottery. I can’t think of another organisation anywhere that even gets close to the support you have given to clubs and charities in this State.’’

Blue Lake Soccer Club: ‘‘Great raffle tickets basically sell themselves due to the wide range and impressive prizes on offer. The Funds raised are put towards raising funds to match Government Grant to install a rain water tank so we can become more self-sufficient and purchase new equipment to maintain grounds.’’