Free Instant Valuation

Free Instant Valuation

Frequently Asked Questions

We often get enquiries from people who already own a vehicle, who want to upgrade and trade-in their existing vehicle at the same time. In this situation it’s useful to know how much you might get for your trade-in. Here’s a quick and easy way to do so:

Q: I’m interested in trading in my car for a newer model, how much is it worth?

A: This is a question that we often get from our customers and so we are very happy to announce a new service called “Value My Trade-In”. Value My Trade-In provides you with a free instant valuation of your vehicle online. Simply go to the Adrian Brien Automotive website and click on the What Is Your Trade-In Worth? Click Here! link. Then enter your vehicle and contact details and we will send you an email with a free instant valuation of your car. The Value My Trade-In service is powered by Red Book, Australia’s most popular source of new and used vehicle information and research.

Salary Sacrificing Makes Budgeting Easy


A lot of people have heard of salary sacrificing but don’t actually understand what it is and how it’s different from standard car financing.

Firstly, salary sacrificing is only available to people whose employers offer a qualifying salary sacrifice scheme. The most common are ‘government workers’ such as nurses, doctors, police, firemen, local government office employees, teachers, etc.

It’s worth considering because the loan payments are effectively made from ‘pre–tax’ income, so there can be a substantial saving on personal income tax, lowering the effective ‘cost’ of the car. A fully maintained novated lease will also include all running costs for the car in one weekly payment debited from the applicant’s pay, such as fuel, insurance, servicing, etc. This makes budgeting easy.

Qualifying buyers can apply through the dealership utilising our salary sacrifice facility with ‘Dealerpac’, one of the government appointed salary sacrifice administrators. We make the process fast and easy, speeding up the time it takes to get into a new car and taking care of all the paperwork for you.

We are on hand to offer personal quotations and a fully detailed consultation on how it works and how it can be of benefit to you, based specifically on your personal circumstances, so call Andy or Ron on 8374 5444 today to organise an obligation free consultation.

I’m On A Pension, Can I Still Qualify For Car Financing?


I’m On A Pension, Can I Still Qualify For Car Financing?

Each month we publish a reader’s car question and one of our expert team provides the best answer.

You can submit your questions to Loc Tran loctran(at)adrianbrien(dot)com(dot)au and we’ll pick one to publish each month. February’s question comes from Richard B from Glenelg.

Q: ‘I’m retired on a part pension and own my home. Can I still qualify for a loan?’

A: Yes! If you have a good credit history and can afford to make the repayments it’s highly likely that you would be approved by St George because you have the capacity to repay the loan through your pension and you have good security in your property.

Give our finance officers Andy Killick and Ron Craig a call on 8374-5444 if you would like to discuss your specific requirements.