How Has Car Safety Improved Over The Years?

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How Has Car Safety Improved Over The Years?

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Car safety has improved a lot over the years from the mechanical linkages of the early days to Electronic Stability Control offered by many modern cars today. Here we take a look at a brief history of car safety and how it has evolved.

Q: How have car manufacturers improved their safety features over the years?

A: Safety features have improved a lot since the first cars were made.

The first car had mechanical linkages to brakes, however they now have hydraulics and Anti-Lock Braking Systems to help stopping. The brakes have changed from the old drums to discs. Split hydraulic systems were introduced during the 1960s, which means that if one set goes you still have some braking capability.

Steering has also improved with new types of linkages, some of the really old cars had chains attached to the wheels, similar to boats.

Some old cars only had leaf springs and no shock absorption, now there are many different types of suspension.

In the 1970s, collapsible steering columns came in and now they have been replaced by airbags.

Progressive crumpling of all panels now provides better occupant safety.

These days many cars also come with Electronic Stability Control which helps you get out of trouble in an emergency.

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