Don’t Get Caught Out! Drive Camera Recorder – Vehicle Security

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Drive Cam Recorder
Drive Cam Recorder

Don’t Get Caught Out! Drive Camera Recorder – Vehicle Security

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The Drive Camera Recorder records the video of the surrounding environment and can also record the audio inside the cabin whilst driving. In addition, these devices automatically enter parking surveillance mode recording all events while parked.

Features Include:

  • 4-5 hour recording on supplied 16 GB card (depending on video resolution).
  • External GPS Antenna – speed and location monitoring.
  • Car battery voltage monitoring, with battery drainage protection.
  • SMART MANAGER application for checking recorded videos and setting  various options on a smartphone.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi that supports easy check control of recorded videos and real-time Live View.
  • Image Sensor Camera with powerful performance even at night.
  • High resolution – this recorder accurately captures licence plates and objects in vicinity.
  • Record evidence – recorded events can be stored and produced as evidence.
  • Connects with you – connects with smartphones via Wi-Fi and recordings can be replayed immediately on your phone.
  • Always watching – the device records both during driving and whilst parked it will record when motion is detected.

N.B. Day time, night, tunnel, parking and rain – the recorded images may vary in quality depending on the recording environment.

Front and rear camera options available.

To learn more, please speak with one of our Delivery Co-Ordinators on (08) 8374 5444.

Perfexion Premium Car Care
Perfexion Premium Car Care