S-box Rally 2014 Raises $1.5 Million For Cancer Council Research

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Sbox Rally 2014
Team Hash Flash, Sbox Rally 2014

S-box Rally 2014 Raises $1.5 Million For Cancer Council Research

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Congratulations Fergus and Trevor who recently completed the S-box Rally 2014 and helped to raise more than $1.5 million for Cancer Council Research.

The S-box rally is not a race but rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable. To drive cars worth $1,000 across Australia via some of it’s most arduous roads all in the name of charity.

Here is what Fergus and Trevor had to say about the event…

“One Fab Ford, Two Keen Guys, Three Packs of Adrian Brien Parts, Four Thousand Ks, Five Hundred Ralliers, Six Bob Jane All-Rounders, Seven Gruelling Days–for a grand total of $1.5 million for Cancer Council research from S-box Rally 2014!

Andrew and Mark, tnx so much to you and the Adrian Brien team for your willing generosity (again) to making all this happen. Trevor and I, Team Hash Flash, were certainly well-equipped. Firstly through long hours of sealed road from Perth to Meekatharra and beyond. Then heaps of gravel and solid dust in the windless outback through Marble Bar, out of Broome with its splendid solid sand Cable Beach, and through Australia’s Kimberley heartland to Fitzroy Crossing. Then on to the notorious Gibb River Road with its treacherous water courses, brutal chunk-rock surfaces, and magnificent vistas, through to Victoria River. Then the last leg to welcoming Darwin. Even when camping in primitive conditions, catering was a highlight, provided by volunteer community service groups.

In Darwin we sold our champion S-box, as did all the 250 teams, with those funds also going to the Cancer Council. The founder and organiser of the S-box Rally (this is the fifth), James Freeman, from Adelaide, whose parents both died of cancer, effusively thanked all the sponsors, volunteers and participants for making the entire effort so worthwhile. We join him in this gentlemen. We very much appreciate your own most valuable contribution!”

– Fergus and Trevor.

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Adrian Brien Ford
Adrian Brien Ford